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Drug Crime Lawyer Skokie

If you have been arrested in Skokie or the greater Chicago area on drug charges, there’s no need to tell you that our city’s politicians, law enforcement authorities, prosecutors, and judges take the nation’s current war on drugs very seriously and will seek a conviction in order to make an example of anyone they perceive as an offender.

Even if you’re being accused of something as seemingly minor as the possession of a small amount of marijuana, you need to pay attention to the charges leveled against you and fight back against them. And if you don’t want to risk paying an exorbitant fine, serving a prison sentence, or ruining your personal and professional reputation with a drug conviction on your criminal record, you need to work with an experienced and aggressive Skokie drug attorney who will vigorously defend your rights in and out of the courtroom. You’ll find that kind of dedicated defense in Andrew M. Weisberg.

Skokie drug crimes attorney Andrew M. Weisberg treats all his clients with the respect they deserve and devotes the personal attention to their cases that they will need in order to beat the charges. Past clients have praised him for being able to put them at ease with his confidence and knowledge of criminal law. When people in the greater Chicago area need an attorney who demonstrates both compassion and professionalism, they turn to Andrew M. Weisberg.

Why You Need Drug Crimes Attorney Andrew M. Weisberg on Your Side

Facing drug charges can be an emotional and stressful experience, and you may be tempted to simply hire the first drug crimes attorney you come across so that you don’t have to handle the charges alone. But don’t let your emotional state impair your decision-making abilities; take the time to find the criminal defense lawyer who will be best able to minimize your sentence or even get your charges dropped completely.

When you hire Andrew M. Weisberg, you’ll get a Skokie attorney who has years of experience working as both a prosecutor and a criminal defense lawyer. As a result, he is intimately familiar with the tactics and strategies that the D.A.’s office can employ against you, and that knowledge means that he is perfectly poised to develop arguments that will aid in your defense. His background gives him a unique and insightful perspective on cases like yours, and that deep understanding of both sides of the courtroom can make all the difference in the outcome of your trial.

A Skokie Attorney Who Will Defend Any Type of Drug Charge

When you are charged with drug crimes, it is not unheard of for the prosecution to seek to bring multiple charges against you. That way, if the prosecution does not have enough evidence to obtain a conviction on one charge, they can hope to get a conviction from another. It’s an unfortunate situation for you to be in and may seem unfair, but you need to be prepared to fight whatever drug charges the court levels against you.

When you retain Andrew M. Weisberg, you will get the peace of mind that comes with knowing he is ready and able to defend you against any type of drug crime charges that might possibly be brought against you, including:

  • Possession of a controlled substance: 720 ILCS 570/402(c)
  • Possession of cocaine: 720 ILCS 570/402 (c)
  • Possession of cocaine with intent to deliver: 720 ILCS 570/401 (d)
  • Possession of heroin: 720 ILCS 570/402 (c)
  • Possession of heroin with intent to deliver: 720 ILCS 570/401 (d)
  • Possession of cannabis/marijuana: 720 ILCS 550/4
  • Possession of cannabis/marijuana with intent to deliver: 720 ILCS 550/5 (a)

If you don’t see the crime you are being charged with listed above, you should still contact Andrew M. Weisberg. This is just a small sampling of the many types of drug cases he has successfully handled. Mr. Weisberg has the knowledge and resources necessary to aggressively defend you in any kind of drug case.

Aggressive and Intelligent Criminal Defense Can Save Your Future

In many instances, the prosecution is aware that evidence in a drug case is questionable at best, either because it was unconstitutionally obtained or because it cannot be directly linked to the person charged. For example, if a police officer searched your house without a warrant, they violated your Fourth Amendment rights, and any evidence they obtained is not admissible in court.

Depending on the circumstances, experienced Skokie criminal defense attorney Andrew M. Weisberg is often able to get the drug charges against his clients reduced or even dropped altogether. As you can imagine, having the charges dropped will be a huge weight off your chest and will offer you the chance to have a good future.

Even when it is not possible to get the charges against you dropped completely and your case goes to trial, you can rest assured that Mr. Weisberg will keep you informed at every juncture and will vigorously defend you every step of the way. By retaining Mr. Weisberg, you’ll be giving yourself the best possible chance of getting charges reduced and having a positive outcome in your case.

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The penalties associated with drug crimes convictions are severe and can carry with them a lifelong stigma that can negatively impact your future. There is no need to risk incurring that kind of damage alone when an experienced and knowledgeable drug defense lawyer like Andrew M. Weisberg is available to assist you. If you’d like to go over the details of your case and learn more about what Mr. Weisberg can do to defend you, schedule a free consultation today. He has office locations in both Chicago and Skokie for your convenience.

Remember, being charged is not the same as being convicted. Skokie attorney Andrew M. Weisberg is dedicated to his clients and truly believes that everyone has a right to rigorous criminal defense. You can contact him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling him at 847-807-1075. You may also text LAWYER to 25827 or fill out an convenient online case review form, and someone from the Law Offices of Andrew M. Weisberg will contact you promptly to set up a consultation.