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Theft is a complex area of law in Illinois, and there are many different types of charges you can face, but ultimately all charges involve the taking of another’s property through deception or force without the consent of the owner. It doesn’t matter if you believe what happened was just a big misunderstanding; if the police, prosecutor, and judge interpret it as theft, you could face a hefty fine or even significant prison time.

You can’t afford to take that kind of risk. If you’ve been accused of any kind of theft whatsoever, you need to take that charge seriously and retain a skilled criminal attorney in Skokie. Andrew M. Weisberg has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the legal counsel and representation that you need in order to mount a strong defense against theft charges.

Expect the Best Representation When You Retain Andrew M. Weisberg

Because a conviction for a theft charge can have such a devastating impact on your future, Skokie theft attorney Andrew M. Weisberg is dedicated to providing the best possible legal counsel and defense in your case. When you meet with him for your free initial consultation, he’ll listen carefully to the details of your case and discuss the best possible course of action moving forward. He and his highly trained staff will work diligently to thoroughly investigate all aspects of your case in an effort to obtain a positive outcome. Mr. Weisberg and his staff are able to look at cases from all different angles, anticipate the arguments the prosecution may use against you, and construct a rigorous and persuasive defense.

In some instances, defense attorney Andrew M. Weisberg may be able to persuade the Cook County D.A. to drop the charges against you or to significantly reduce them by proving that evidence against you was obtained illegally, or that you never committed the crime you’ve been accused of. Even when that is not possible, you can rest assured that Mr. Weisberg will always stand ready to aggressively defend and uphold your rights, whether in or out of the courtroom.

Defending You against Any Theft Charge in Skokie

As noted, the term “theft” can refer to a number of charges in which property was allegedly obtained through dishonest means. However, the differences in charges usually pertain to the way in which the property was obtained and can mean the difference between a minor fine and a lengthy prison sentence. For example, while the theft of a $50 product from a shopping mall would generally be considered a misdemeanor, a theft that occurred because someone broke into the residence of a private citizen would typically be considered a Class 1 felony. In general, theft charges are determined by the type of property stolen, the value of that property, and where the alleged theft took place.

No matter what kind of theft charge you’re facing, Skokie criminal attorney Andrew M. Weisberg is prepared to mount an aggressive defense. Mr. Weisberg has successfully handled theft cases that include:

Whether you’re a juvenile or an adult, facing a misdemeanor conviction for shoplifting or a felony conviction for residential burglary, Defense Attorney Andrew M. Weisberg will provide you with the legal counsel and representation that you will need to combat the charges levelled against you.

A Skokie Attorney Who Knows the Illinois Court System

While most of the criminal defense attorneys you’ll meet in Skokie or the greater Chicago area have spent their entire careers handling the same types of cases, Andrew M. Weisberg has years of experience working as both a Cook County prosecutor and Skokie defense attorney. His background has provided him with intimate knowledge of both sides of the courtroom and uniquely positions him to provide an aggressive defense. He will look at your case from every angle and consider what arguments the prosecution will make so that he can successfully counter those arguments. When you retain Andrew M. Weisberg as your criminal defense attorney in Skokie, you are getting someone who not only has the desire and drive, but also the knowledge and experience to provide you with the legal defense you need.

Get Personal Attention from a Skokie Theft Crime Attorney

At many large law firms, you’ll find a team of lawyers who attempt to be everything to everyone and end up stretching themselves too thin to successfully serve their clients. As a solo practitioner with a dedicated and skilled support staff, criminal defense attorney Andrew M. Weisberg provides both the resources and the individualized attention that you’ll need in your theft case. Mr. Weisberg understands that you’re under a lot of duress, and he will compassionately develop a personalized attorney-client relationship with you and keep you informed regarding developments in your case at every step.

You’ll never have to worry about being left in the dark when you retain Mr. Weisberg. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are being treated respectfully and provided the legal representation you need in all hearings and other proceedings.

Prepare Your Theft Crime Defense – Contact Us Today

If you or a loved one is facing a theft charge, it’s of the utmost importance that you contact a Skokie defense attorney as soon as possible. Theft charges can be complicated and emotionally draining, and you’ll need the support of a good criminal lawyer in order to navigate through this difficult time.

Andrew M. Weisberg offers free, no-obligation initial consultations for those who need to retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer. You can easily contact him even if it’s past normal business hours; he encourages clients to call him at 847-807-1075 no matter what day of the week or time of day. You may also text LAWYER to 25827 for a prompt call back. Don’t waste any more time; contact the Skokie Law Offices of Andrew M. Weisberg today.