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Public Indecency

Mount a Strong Defense with a Skokie Public Indecency Lawyer

Skokie Public Indecency Lawyer

Public indecency is one of those odd charges where the attached stigma is at least as damning as any criminal penalties that you face for the crime. Part of this is due to the question of what you were actually doing to warrant such a charge.

While engaging in any kind of public sexual behavior obviously counts, so may something as seemingly innocuous as obeying a sudden call of nature when a bathroom is nowhere to be found. Most reasonable people would likely argue that these are two very different types of crimes, but in Skokie – and the state of Illinois in general – that is unfortunately not the case.

If you or someone you love is charged with public indecency, the associated penalties can include high fines and jail time. In certain situations, you may even receive a felony. And, of course, whether you are up against a misdemeanor or a felony, it still counts as a mark on your criminal record. From that point forward, whenever you apply for a job, an apartment, a bank loan, or even college, the people in charge of deciding whether or not you get what you want will be able to see that charge – and the fact that public indecency is considered a sexual offense is not likely to help matters.

To make sure you receive the best possible outcome in your case, it is imperative that you work with a skilled Skokie criminal attorney who has successfully helped people just like you to beat their public indecency charges. Andrew M. Weisberg has been doing just that for almost 20 years. If you choose him to represent you, no stone will be left unturned as he works to craft your defense strategy and protect your rights.

A Skokie Defense Attorney Who Understands the Nuances of Illinois Public Indecency Laws

Can you be charged if you were in your own home and someone just happened to see you? What if your private parts were exposed but that was not your intent? Is there a difference between urinating out in the woods and going against the side of a school building?

Mr. Weisberg has been handling public indecency cases in Skokie and the greater Chicago area for years. He knows exactly how the various 720 statutes in Illinois that cover this crime work. In order to be charged with public indecency in our state, the prosecution needs to prove three things:

  1. That you are 17 or older.
  2. That you were in a public place.
  3. That you committed one of the following acts:
    1. An act of sexual conduct or penetration
    2. Lewd bodily exposure that was intended to satisfy your own sexual desire

Unfortunately, two of those three requirements are very open to interpretation. For example, the definition of a “public place” may seem clear. However, people have been convicted for engaging in sexual acts while in their own homes because others saw them through open windows. Furthermore, deciding whether or not someone is “satisfying a sexual desire” is entirely up to the arresting officer. One officer may believe that public urination fulfills this requirement, while another does not. And even though breastfeeding is specifically listed as an action protected under the law, there have been cases of women being arrested for nursing their babies in public.

Because of the wide range of interpretations, you need someone on your side who can effectively argue your case and present a clear and convincing defense of your actions. As a former felony prosecutor for Cook County, Andrew Weisberg brings a unique perspective that allows him to understand both sides of the law and plan your defense strategy accordingly. Because he knows how prosecutors think, he can build arguments into your defense that call their evidence into question and cast doubt on their assertions.

The defense he creates will also depend upon the charges and associated penalties you face. In Illinois, most public indecency offenses are charged as Class A Misdemeanors. This means that you could have to pay as much as $2,500 in fines and spend up to a year in jail. Those penalties are fairly serious, but they only get worse from there.

If you have been charged with public indecency at least twice before, your charges will be bumped up to a Class 4 Felony, and you could potentially get up to three years in prison. You will also face a Class 4 Felony if your alleged crime took place within 500 feet of an elementary or secondary school if children were there at the time.

On top of this, prosecutors often tend to tack other sex crime charges on to public indecency charges in the hopes of getting around the need to prove your intent. Mr. Weisberg has helped clients to battle all kinds of these types of charges, including:

  • Criminal sexual abuse 720 ILCS 5/11-1.50
  • Criminal sexual assault 720 ILCS 5/11-1.20
  • Aggravated criminal sexual abuse 720 ILCS 5/11-1.60
  • Aggravated criminal sexual assault 720 ILCS 5/11-1.30
  • Predatory criminal sexual assault of a child 720 ILCS 5/11-1.40
  • Public indecency 720 ILCS 5/11-9
  • Prostitution 720 ILCS 5/11-14

Even if you believe that your charges are unjust, do not simply assume you will be able to beat them when “the truth comes out.” Even though it is arguably a minor sexual offense, prosecutors and other law enforcement officials in Skokie want to be seen as taking a tough stance on these kinds of crimes. Because of this, they will do everything in their power to make sure you face the harshest possible penalties and that a conviction occurs. Protect your freedom, future, and good name by working with Andrew Weisberg.

Aggressive Defense from a Respected Skokie Criminal Lawyer

When your life is at stake, you should not trust just anyone to protect it. Andrew M. Weisberg not only has almost two decades of experience as a defense attorney along with his years serving as a prosecutor, he also has an incredibly successful track record and has won the recognition of peers and clients in equal measure.

Just a few of the ways that he has been noticed by the legal world include:

  • Having The National Trial Lawyers name him to their list of Top 100 Trial Lawyers.
  • Being featured on Lawguru for the breadth and depth of his knowledge in criminal law.
  • His incredible record on Avvo, which includes a perfect 10/10 rating, being listed as a Top Attorney in several practice areas, and winning four different Clients’ Choice Awards in 2015 alone.

A big reason why he has been able to enjoy this kind of success is due to his decision to focus solely on Illinois criminal law. This allows him to offer personalized attention to every single client and ensure that every possible angle is explored to earn the best outcome in each case.

Get in Touch with Skokie Criminal Defense Attorney Andrew M. Weisberg Today to Protect Your Future

A public indecency charge may seem minor, but remember that Illinois considers it a sexual offense. No one wants to be known forevermore as a sexual offender, but that is exactly what will happen if you are convicted.

Fight back with a knowledgeable Skokie defense lawyer who has successfully navigated our area’s complex judicial system for years. Who has been able to build up a strong network of resources over time and will not hesitate to use them in your defense. This is how Andrew M. Weisberg works, and it is why he has had so much success.

Learn more about how he can help you by reaching out today. You can email Mr. Weisberg at, or call our office at 847-807-1075. Do not delay. Your future is at stake. The sooner you start defending it, the more likely you are to experience a positive outcome.