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Arrested on a Criminal Charge in Skokie? Andrew M. Weisberg Can Help

If you’re facing a criminal charge in Skokie, you may be experiencing a lot of different emotions, ranging from scared to ashamed to indignant. You may not even fully understand why you are being charged with this particular crime or what you can do to defend yourself. Rather than struggling through this difficult time alone, contact an experienced Skokie defense attorney who has handled cases like yours before.

Whether you’re facing misdemeanor or felony charges, a conviction can follow you for the rest of your life. You owe it to yourself to work with an attorney who knows the ins and outs of this area of the law and can give you the best possible chance for a positive outcome. Don’t let a criminal charge become a conviction—uphold your rights with Skokie criminal defense lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg.

Rely on Attorney Weisberg’s Criminal Defense Experience

You might be feeling alone right now, but it’s important to recognize that you’re not the first person who has faced the type of case you have on your hands now. Andrew M. Weisberg has years of experience handling a wide range of criminal cases as both a defense attorney and a former Cook County prosecutor. He will use the knowledge he has gained from this experience to help build your defense, while also keeping an eye out for unique details in your case that may work to your advantage.

Skokie criminal defense areas of practice include:

  • Chicago Assault Lawyer

    Criminal charges for assault or aggravated assault carry serious consequences in Illinois. Depending on the severity of the case, you might be facing community service, heavy fines, or even a prison sentence.

  • Skokie Battery Defense Lawyer

    Whatever your circumstances, if you’ve been charged with battery or aggravated battery, it’s imperative that you retain a smart criminal lawyer to represent you.

  • Skokie Burglary Lawyer

    In Illinois, burglary is a felony offense. A conviction means you will likely face a long prison sentence along with the associated repercussions that come with being a felon. Because of the nature of burglary charges, it’s also very likely that you’re facing more than one criminal charge based on where and how the alleged crime happened.

  • Chicago Criminal Trespassing Lawyer

    Essentially, criminal trespassing means that you entered the land of someone or used their property (such as a car) without their permission.

  • Skokie Domestic Violence Lawyer

    A domestic violence conviction can have a devastating impact on your future and your family, even if the alleged victim says that there was a misunderstanding and they want to drop the charges. Learn how Andrew M. Weisberg can help you fight a domestic violence charge.

  • Drug Crime Lawyer Skokie

    Even the possession of a small amount of marijuana or another illicit substance is punishable by a prison sentence under Illinois state laws. Don’t let a non-violent drug crime put you behind bars: fight back with Andrew M. Weisberg.

  • Skokie DUI Lawyer

    Don’t risk losing your license and living with a criminal record if you’ve been charged with a DUI or DWI. Talk to an experienced DUI defense attorney.

  • Skokie Public Indecency Lawyer

    Public indecency is one of those odd charges where the attached stigma is at least as damning as any criminal penalties that you face for the crime. Part of this is due to the question of what you were actually doing to warrant such a charge.

  • Residential Burglary Attorney Skokie

    Burglary is a class 2 felony which can result in a prison sentence if you’re convicted. Don’t sit back and just let your case play out, even if you feel the evidence is stacked against you. A skilled criminal attorney can build a strong defense.

  • Sex Crimes Lawyer Skokie

    ‘Sex crimes’ is a term that actually covers a wide range of crimes that can range from misdemeanors to felonies. All sex crime charges need to be taken seriously, however. If you’ve been charged with public indecency or any other sex crime, contact Andrew M. Weisberg..

  • Retail Theft Attorney Skokie

    Although it might seem like a minor incident to you, the state of Illinois takes shoplifting very seriously, and you’ll need to contact a defense attorney as soon as possible if you’re currently facing a retail theft charge.

  • Skokie Theft Attorney

    Whether you’re being charged with petty theft or a felony for allegedly taking something worth over $500, you don’t want a theft conviction on your record. Call Andrew M. Weisberg today.

  • Skoie Weapons Charges Lawyer

    Illinois takes weapons and gun charges very seriously. In many cases, these types of charges have mandatory minimum prison sentences, along with large fines, community service requirements, and more.

  • Skokie White Collar Crimes Lawyer

    White collar crimes are different. They do not involve violence. Instead, they are solely focused on illegally taking money or property from another individual or organization through the use of things like fraud, bribery, forgery, or some kind of trickery.

Mr. Weisberg also has the experience necessary to assist clients with many other types of criminal charges, including assault, traffic violations, weapons charges, and white collar crimes. If you don’t see your charge here, you should still contact the Law Office of Andrew M. Weisberg to see what Attorney Weisberg can do for you.


Domestic Violence is a Serious, Often Misunderstood Crime


Many people in Skokie are surprised to discover that the crime known as ‘domestic violence’ doesn’t just refer to physical violence between romantic partners—in fact, it’s possible to be charged with domestic violence even if there is no physical evidence you harmed someone with whom you’re in an intimate relationship.


Of course, even though you might think the charges levelled against you are part of a big misunderstanding, the state of Illinois takes domestic violence very seriously, and a  conviction can have serious long-term consequences for you and your family. Call Attorney Weisberg as soon as possible to learn more about what defenses may be available to you.


Drug Crime Convictions in Skokie Come with Steep Penalties


While attitudes towards drug crimes are shifting, there’s still evidence of the 1980s “war on drugs” approach in Illinois state laws. Even if you’re being charged with something that seems minor, like the possession of a small amount of marijuana, you need to take the  charge seriously and work with a skilled drug crimes attorney rather than just waiting for the situation to blow over.


Andrew M. Weisberg can provide legal counsel and a rigorous defense for a range of drug crimes, including:


  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Possession of Cocaine
  • Possession of Heroin
  • Possession of Cannabis/Marijuana
  • Possession of Cocaine, Heroin, or Marijuana with Intent to Deliver


Work with Andrew M. Weisberg to Keep a DUI Off Your Record


Even a first-time DUI arrest can result in you losing your license and having a criminal record if you’re convicted. This obviously has far-reaching consequences: you may risk losing your job if you can’t transport yourself to work, you may be unable to keep up with other responsibilities that require a car, and you may struggle to find another job that requires a criminal background check.


Needless to say, you don’t want a DUI/DWI on your record. You might worry that there’s no way to defend yourself if the arresting officer performed a breath or blood test, but Skokie attorney Andrew M. Weisberg will look closely at the details of your case to see if he can challenge the evidence or poke holes in the prosecution’s argument.


Sex Crimes Charges Cast a Wide Net, Require Aggressive Defense


Sex crimes make up a broad category in Illinois law that encompasses everything from predatory criminal sexual assault of a child to basic public indecency. Many people in Skokie are shocked to find themselves facing a sex crime charge for something as seemingly minor as urinating in an alley or streaking at a sports event.


Unsurprisingly, a sex crime conviction can result in hefty legal penalties as well as a life-long stigma that is hard to overcome. Don’t let a sex crime charge ruin the rest of your life—work with.


Andrew M. Weisberg to build an aggressive defense


Andrew M. Weisberg: The Defense You Need in Your Theft Case Theft is another broad category that runs the gamut from petty crimes, such as shoplifting toothpaste from a convenience store, to felonies, such as breaking and entering into a residential home. But whether you’re facing a misdemeanor or a felony for your alleged theft crime, one thing is certain: you need to work with an attorney who has handled this type of case before. Let Andrew M. Weisberg provide legal counsel and help you navigate your case.


No Matter What the Case, Rely on Skokie Attorney Andrew Weisberg


Andrew M. Weisberg  believes that everyone has the right to an assertive defense. When you workwith him, he’ll treat you with respect and a lack of judgment, no matter what the case.If Mr. Weisbergagrees to take your case, you can expect to be taken seriously, treated with dignity, and promptlyinformed of any new developments in your case. You can also expect Attorney Weisberg to put the timeand effort into your case necessary to build a viable defense.


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