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Residential Burglary

Burglary Charges: Get a Skokie Defense Attorney in Your Corner

Residential Burglary Attorney Skokie

Why do you need to get the best possible Skokie defense attorney on your side when you’re charged with burglary? Because you can’t afford to risk your future.

Burglary is taken very seriously in the state of Illinois, and if you are convicted of any kind of burglary charge you’ll be facing much more than just a slap on the wrist. Burglary is generally a Class 2 Felony in our state, punishable from 3-7 years in prison and a fine up to $25,000. If the alleged burglary took place at a school, church, or another place of worship, that sentence could be even longer. Being charged with residential burglary—allegedly entering another person’s home with the intent of committing a felony or theft—is the most serious type of burglary offense and carries a prison sentence from 4-15 years.

In addition to facing a lengthy prison sentence, a conviction for burglary can appear on your record and forever label you as a criminal, possibly affecting your ability to get a job, apply for loans, or even obtain housing. One mistake or misunderstanding shouldn’t govern the rest of your life, but you need to work with an experienced burglary attorney to make sure that it doesn’t.

Skokie defense attorney Andrew M. Weisberg has a track record of success in handling burglary cases similar to yours, and he is available to provide you with the skilled legal representation that you will need. Attorney Weisberg has a distinctive advantage over other defense lawyers because he is a former felony prosecutor in Cook County and Will County, meaning that he knows burglary laws from both sides. He understands the arguments that prosecutors frequently employ in burglary cases, and he will be there to defend you.

Aggressive Defense by Andrew M. Weisberg Makes All the Difference

Although you may believe that the evidence against you makes the outcome of your case a foregone conclusion, you need to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty, and there are many mitigating factors that may result in a reduced or dismissed burglary charge. Because Skokie burglary attorney Andrew M. Weisberg has extensive knowledge of all the statutes and regulations governing burglary and any subsequent sentencing, he is often able to negotiate his clients’ charges to a lesser offense and keep them out of jail.

Criminal defense attorney Andrew M. Weisberg understands that those who commit the offense of burglary do so not because they are bad people but because they may have an underlying problem that a prison sentence isn’t going to help. He will use any and all potentially mitigating factors, such as a history of mental illness or drug use at the time of the burglary, to get charges reduced or dismissed altogether. In some cases, the judge may find that a rehabilitative program is an appropriate alternative to prison time. If this is your first offense, you may also qualify for some kind of deferred prosecution that will enable you to eventually clear this from your record completely.

Only an experienced Skokie criminal attorney will know all available options and be able to make a persuasive argument to secure the best possible outcome for you. Whatever the circumstances of your burglary case, Andrew M. Weisberg will thoroughly investigate all the details and provide you with the most aggressive defense possible given your situation.

No Matter What the Burglary Charge, Andrew M. Weisberg Can Help

A charge of burglary is rarely clear-cut; in almost all cases, there is some other charge associated with it that either indicates how the burglary was alleged to have happened (i.e. using burglary tools) or where it occurred (in a school or in a private dwelling, for example). Some charges that you may face if you’re accused of breaking and entering include:

  • Burglary: 720 ILCS 5/19-1
  • Possession of burglary tools: 720 ILCS 5/19-2
  • Unlawful sale of burglary tools: 720 ILCS 5/19-2.5
  • Residential burglary: 720 ILCS 5/19-3
  • Criminal trespass to a residence: 720 ILCS 5/19-4

Burglary law can be complex, and you may not even entirely understand the charges that are being levelled against you or what kind of sentence they may result in. Regardless of what charge or combination of charges you are facing, Skokie attorney Andrew M. Weisberg can help you make sense of your best course of action and will let you know what’s happening with your case every step of the way.

Mr. Weisberg has demonstrated an incomparable acumen for providing legal counsel and litigation representation that has made him one of the most sought after criminal lawyers in Skokie and the greater Chicago area. You can rest assured that he has the experience and the wherewithal to diligently pursue every avenue of defense for you and to obtain the best possible outcome to your case.

Protect Your Future with a Skilled Burglary Defense Lawyer

There’s no way to get around it: the burglary charge that you are facing is a serious one, and it has grave consequences if you are convicted. A prison sentence is not only disruptive to your life and the lives of your family members, it can make it difficult for you to carve out a successful future for yourself after you are released. A felony conviction is something that follows you for the rest of your life—which is why you need to fight to make sure that your burglary charge doesn’t become a conviction.

The stakes are too high for you not to have the best possible legal counsel and representation. When you retain Andrew M. Weisberg as your Skokie burglary attorney, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Mr. Weisberg will use his experience as both a former prosecutor and defense attorney in order to make a compelling case to have your charges significantly reduced or dropped completely.

Don’t wait any longer to contact Attorney Weisberg. The sooner you schedule a free consultation with him, the sooner he will be able to prepare an aggressive defense for your burglary case.

To contact Mr. Weisberg, call the office at 847-807-1075 or call his cell phone 24/7 at 773-908-9811. Your initial consultation is free. Call today to begin getting the help that you need.