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Skokie Battery Defense Lawyer

Many different situations might lead to a charge of criminal battery. You could have lost your temper while arguing with a neighbor. Or confront someone who was provoking you. Maybe someone is accusing you of physically harming them, but you know you’re innocent.

Whatever your circumstances, if you’ve been charged with battery or aggravated battery, it’s imperative that you retain a smart criminal lawyer to represent you. The consequences for a battery conviction could be severe and have lasting repercussions for the rest of your life. Andrew M. Weisberg knows the ins and outs of the law regarding battery and will fight tirelessly to get you the best possible outcome in your case.

For years, Andrew Weisberg has represented clients as a battery defense attorney, using his legal knowledge and skill to help clients get their charges reduced, dismissed, or dropped. He owes his success to several things – a passionate drive to protect clients’ rights, a methodical nature that will not allow him to give up until every avenue has been explored, and a legal background that has enabled him to see the law from both sides of the aisle.

Before becoming a criminal attorney, Mr. Weisberg worked as a Cook County prosecutor, learning all the legal tricks and tactics to convict people. This taught him not only the specific methods that prosecutors use but also how they think. He uses it every time he defends a client because he can anticipate what the other side will argue and devise ways to poke holes in their assertions while bolstering your defense.

But it all starts with knowing the law.

Understand Your Charge with an Aggressive Skokie Battery Attorney

What does it mean that you have been charged with battery?

You might have heard the terms battery and assault used at the same time to mean the same thing, but they are two different crimes. While assault is the threat of violence, battery is actually following through and physically causing harm to another person.

A few examples of battery include:

  • Using fists or other body parts to hit someone
  • Throwing a lamp or chair at someone and attempting to hurt them
  • Shoving someone down the stairs or into a wall
  • Taking a fistful of someone’s hair and pulling it

But Illinois law is tricky. “Causing harm” does not necessarily mean you have to injure someone physically. The definition of battery is causing bodily harm to someone else. What does that mean? It is something that can be applied in many different instances, such as:

  • Grabbing and ripping another person’s clothes in anger
  • Splashing a drink in someone’s face
  • Spitting on someone

If the injury caused to someone was severe, the court may decide to rule that the case was aggravated battery, which could result in even harsher penalties.

Hiring an attorney knowledgeable about battery and aggravated battery is imperative to avoid having to pay with your money, time, and possibly even your freedom. Using his extensive prosecutorial knowledge, one of the first things Mr. Weisberg will do is make certain that the charge of battery actually applies in your case. If it does not, he will fight to get the charges revoked.

A Skokie Criminal Lawyer Who Will Teach You What to Expect from Your Battery Charge

Understanding why you were charged is important, but the real reason to hire the best defense attorney is the penalties you are up against.

Battery is a misdemeanor in Illinois. That may not seem like such a big deal, but a simple battery conviction could result in up to one year of imprisonment, probation, and monetary restitution. Restitution means paying the medical and counseling bills for the alleged victim, paying for damaged property, or any other expenses incurred during the battery. Not surprisingly, what you owe can add up quickly.

If the prosecution can get the battery charged as a felony, the sentence could be much more pronounced: a lengthy prison sentence and fines that could take years to pay off. In addition to the legal penalties, you might also have to deal with having to report your conviction every time you apply to get a house or apartment, work for a new company, or try for a bank loan. Law enforcement will also know about your crime and could be much less lenient because of your record. Even the FBI will be notified of your conduct if you are convicted of a felony.

If you’re facing a possible conviction for battery, you need an experienced defense attorney to represent you. Skokie prosecutors are some of the best in the business, and you can be sure they will mount an aggressive case against you. Make sure you are fighting back with the same intensity and skill level.

To do this, you need the best possible representation. Accepting the counsel of Andrew M. Weisberg for your charge of battery in Skokie means that you can depend on an attorney who will constantly work toward the best defense possible. You will receive the dignity and respect you deserve from beginning to end.

Contact an Experienced, Knowledgeable Skokie Battery Defense Attorney Today

Andrew M. Weisberg has been well-recognized for his legal accomplishments. National Trial Lawyers named him a Top 100 Trial Lawyer. He is featured on Lawguru for his extensive knowledge of criminal law. He has won multiple Clients’ Choice awards on Avvo and received a 10/10 rating.

But while professional recognition and website reviews are a great source of honor for Mr. Weisberg, his first passion is meeting his client’s needs. He has represented countless clients in cases like yours and has a strong track record of success both in and out of the courtroom.

If you have been charged with battery, the related crime of assault, or other crimes, Andrew M. Weisberg can help. But he will not be able to help you figure out the best way to move forward with your case until you get in touch.

It does not cost you anything. Your initial consultation with Mr. Weisberg is completely free. Get started right now by completing our simple online case review form. Then reach out by calling us at 847-807-1075 or emailing

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