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Shoplifting/Retail Theft

Charged with Retail Theft in Skokie? Andrew M. Weisberg Can Help

Retail Theft Attorney Skokie

Whether you want to call it shoplifting or retail theft is just semantics. Whatever the name applied to the charge, one thing is certain: when you have been accused of taking items from a retail establishment without paying for them, you face jail time, fines, and a tarnished reputation if convicted. Even if the whole incident was a huge misunderstanding, you can’t trust that an Illinois court will automatically recognize that. The problem is that even if you’re innocent of the crime with which you’ve been charged, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges have all heard what you have to say before—and not always from the most honest or scrupulous individuals.

You need to work with an experienced Skokie criminal lawyer to get the best possible outcome in your case. Andrew M. Weisberg serves those in Skokie and the greater Chicago area who have been charged with a criminal offense. He believes that everyone has the right to a rigorous criminal defense, and he will closely analyze the details of your case to determine your best course of legal action.

Shoplifting Is a Serious Crime that Requires an Aggressive Defense

Retail theft in Illinois is governed under statute 720 ILCS 5/16-25 and is taken very seriously. In addition to shoplifting, it includes changing price tags, returning an item you do not own, and using a jamming device to pass retail items through security. While many people assume that the penalty for this type of crime will be little more than a slap on the wrist, retail theft charges can quickly escalate into felonies.

In our state, retail theft is considered a misdemeanor if the value of the merchandise taken is under $300 and a felony if the value is over $300. However, some circumstances may result in a misdemeanor charge being elevated to a felony charge. For example, if you have a previous conviction on your criminal record, a theft valued at less than $300 can be classified as a felony, which carries prison time if you are convicted. While this may sound grim, the good news is that a felony charge is not mandatory, and a good defense attorney may be able to get your charge reduced to a misdemeanor.

This is where the experience of a Skokie criminal attorney like Andrew M. Weisberg can prove invaluable. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Weisberg has extensive experience on both sides of the courtroom and can successfully negotiate with prosecutors in cases like yours. In many instances, he has been able to get felony charges reduced, and in some cases, he has been able to convince the District Attorney to drop the charges altogether. With Andrew M. Weisberg as your defense attorney in Skokie, you can rest assured that you will receive the most dedicated and rigorous defense possible.

Skokie Retail Theft Charges Demand Experienced Representation

It doesn’t matter if you’re a juvenile or an adult facing a misdemeanor or a felony. Being charged with shoplifting can be an incredibly stressful and bewildering experience. People don’t always make the best decisions when under duress, and you may find yourself tempted to reach out and grab onto the first Skokie criminal defense attorney you can find to get your case over with. However, you can’t afford to gamble with your freedom and future like that.

Not every criminal defense lawyer has the experience and resources to handle a retail theft case like yours. Hiring an attorney who hasn’t handled cases similar to yours is like hiring a tour guide unfamiliar with the city you’re visiting. You don’t want to work with someone who may miss important details or fail to understand areas of the law that could help your case.

Fortunately for you, Skokie criminal attorney Andrew M. Weisberg has years of successful experience dealing with shoplifting and retail theft cases. The expertise and impressive track record of Mr. Weisberg can prove to be an incredible asset to you and may mean the difference between being convicted and having your charges dropped.

Part of the experience that Mr. Weisberg brings to the table comes from his experience working as a prosecuting attorney for the D.A.’s office. Because you will be working with a Skokie defense attorney who understands all angles of shoplifting cases and retail theft, you will be able to benefit from his insider knowledge regarding tactics and arguments the prosecution might employ as they try to make their case against you. Chicago and Skokie retail theft lawyer Andrew M. Weisberg can anticipate the prosecution’s arguments and proactively strategize to build an incredibly strong and aggressive defense for you.
In many cases, Mr. Weisberg can take advantage of programs for first-time offenders, which leads to most of his clients seeing their cases dismissed and ultimately expunged from their criminal records. By working with Attorney Weisberg, you’re giving yourself the best chance of wiping the slate clean in your retail theft case.

Don’t Just Accept Retail Theft Charges—Call Andrew M. Weisberg

When you’re facing retail theft charges, you need a Skokie defense attorney who will respect you as a person and treat your case with the dignified, individualized attention that you need and deserve. Criminal defense attorney Andrew M. Weisberg brings compassion and professionalism to the cases he handles in Skokie and the greater Chicago area. You can rest assured that he will do everything he can to obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

If you have been arrested in Skokie or are anticipating that charges will be leveled against you, it’s important that you contact Mr. Weisberg as soon as possible. The earlier in the process that you set up a consultation with him, the more time he has to start preparing a vigorous defense to help you get your life back on track. To schedule a free initial consultation, call Andrew Weisberg 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at 847-807-1075 or by emailing him at how dedicated Skokie defense attorney Andrew M. Weisberg can help you today.

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